Completing puzzles in MirrorMoon EP is often achieved with the aid of several tools. Each tool has a specific function and shape. Tools can be picked up by walking into them, after which they will integrate into your handheld.

Rotator [Red Pyramid] Edit

This tool allows you to rotate the moon in the sky. Rotators are housed in a pyramid structure on the planet surface.

Dragger [Blue Disks] Edit

This tool give you the ability to change the moon's position in the sky. Draggers are housed in tall structures, shaped somewhat like sewing machines, on the planet surface.

Beacons Edit

Moon Beacon Edit

The Moon Beacon allows you to shoot beacons at the moon which then appear (and sometimes activate something) on the planet. Moon beacons are tall and triangular in shape.

Planet Beacon Edit

The Planet Beacon allows you to shoot beacons on the surface of the planet. They will shoot in front of you, a little ways away. Planet beacons are short and trapezoidal in shape.