The Steam release of MirrorMoon EP features 10 achievements.

Side AEdit


Complete 95% of Side A.

  • Beginning a new game and completing the original planet will grant this achievement.

Edwin Edit


Visit a Star System named by another player.

  • Navigate to a star system that is already named and land on the planet. Unnamed planets have default names with the format "XXX/##".

Vespucci Edit


Name your first star.

  • If you are the first person to complete the puzzle on a star system's planet, you will be given the option to name the star. Solve the system puzzle and enter a name to unlock the achievement.

Eco Friendly Edit


Travel to any star using the slowest speed setting.

  • Set your speed setting to the lowest setting (the far left on the dial) and travel to a system.

Observatory Edit


Activate a star map artifact.

  • Some star systems have a planet that features a sky with constellations along with its standard puzzle. Finding a planet that shows a star map will unlock this achievement.



Complete a travel longer than 10 minutes.

  • Make sure that the star system you are traveling to has a second T value of greater than 10:00 and begin travel. The achievement will unlock when you reach the system.

The Other Way Round Edit


Lose the keys in SideA in a different order.

  • This achievement unlocks if the keys on the Side A planet are lost in a different order than the default. You must lose the moon rotator, a red pyramid, before the tool that allows you to grasp the moon, a blue disk. To do so, make sure that the sun is not eclipsed by carrying the moon with you. Search the planet for the tall structure and place the moon in the sky above it to keep it standing. Walk into the structure to place the pyramid inside. Keep in mind that this will make completing Side A more difficult as you can no longer freely rotate the moon. Return to the orbit model and place the second tool inside and complete the puzzle. The achievement unlocks when you cross the bridge.

Alexander Edit


Name ten Star Systems.

  • Solve the puzzles on ten unnamed Star Systems and name them.

Two Moons One Beacon Edit


Complete Side A using only one beacon.

  • When you receive the key that shoots beacons, use only one until you complete Side A. Your one beacon should be used to activate the circular building.

No More Paradoxes Edit


Complete the game.

  • Locating the anomaly and completing the puzzle on the planet will unlock this achievement.